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Colossians 2:5-7
"Though we are away from you in distance yet I am with you in spirit,
delighted that we stand shoulder to shoulder in order and a firm - solid
front of steadfastness in our full faith in Christ Jesus. We lean all of our
personality with absolute trust and confidence in the total power...wisdom
...goodness and comfort of Jesus. We overflow with thanksgiving all the
time because we are rooted firmly and deeply planted and built up
constantly with more faith in Jesus .”

Through many media "voices" worldwide, you help us teach and impart vision
to people that God DOES have a future a hope and good things for them and
there is a way for them to access and accept and walk in that Future .. .To
walk in the Hope …
To walk in the goodness of GOD!!
We are so grateful.. Deeply grateful for your support .. Your love and your
prayers.. We feel them!!
SINGAPORE this year. Get ready because YOU are with us and YOU are up there
before 20,000 people on the stage with us ... YOU are touching and hugging
children with us.. YOU are looking into the eyes of "lifers" in prisons with
us... .. YOU are crying and laughing as people have pain and confusion leave
their bodies and minds.
YOU are with us!!!
We bless YOU with the promises God gave in Deuteronomy 28!


“You are of the greatest value and inspiration to our lives AND a strong
outreach to the world!”

A great outreach ministry we are in partnership with told of a dream he
had. In this dream he was given a large amount of good, rich and fertile
land. As he walked around this huge property he was thinking, “I have this
good, rich and fertile land but no seed to put in the soil.” He looked out
at the road in front of his house and saw a lot of people walking down the
road with what appeared to be sand bags on their shoulders. He ran out to
them and asked, “ Where are you going?” Some replied, “We aren’t sure where
we are going. We have this good seed but no good ground to put it in.”
The minister said, “Come I have this good land and you have good seed so
together we will grow big trees that will feed many!” In the dream there
were many smiles and much energy at the thought of what might be left for
future generations. It’s the limitless possibilities of a team catching the

As I thought of his dream I thought of you. You have valuable good seed in
your hands. Thank you for planting seed in what we believe and cultivate
intensely to be good and rich land. I believe you and I will see trees full
of fruit that will keep feeding the world long after you and I go to heaven.
Won’t it be fun to watch our seed today produce a harvest way into eternity!
We will be in heaven laughing and talking about those days of choices to
together that made it happen!
A few ministry goals of thru 2010
*put on 10 I AM A SON guy’s conferences in North America
*put on 5 I AM A SON conferences oversees.
* put on 4 I AM A SON conferences in prisions
* promote the I am a son campaign to mainstream media and TV commercials
and print.
*put on 7 B2W Born to win women’s conferences in North America
* put on 4 B2W Born to Win women’s conferences in prisons
*put on 4 B2W Born to Win women’s conferences overseas
each one of the conferences cost aprox Ten thousand dollars out of our
ministry to put on.

The Born To Win (B2W) conferences Stephen Marshall ( my husband) and I
founded are growing and impacting people and communities in a extremely
exciting way!The life-changing theme is that God’s original design for us
is that we’re born to Win and how to unfold that where is a tangible to
receive and walk in. Each Conference cost about Ten thousand dollars to put
on with promotion and all the expenses. We have a B2W fund that will give
away ONE FREE registration to every one person that registers .
The Living it to Lead It(put logo here) music and media conferences are
increasing in popularity and help to many churches. We continue to get
great reports.
Produce TWO motion pictures this year based on Stephen Marshall Books.
I am a son (put logo here) guy’s conference and foundation
It is a campaign 100 percent dedicated to people receiving Jesus and being
Born Again to the family of God.

We want to accept invitations and bring B2W conferences and concerts to
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Europe, Philippines, Australia and Asia.
We desire through music events, conferences and multimedia to unfold God’s
main agenda, which we believe, is getting His goodness into every part of a
person’s life, family and country!

Although music recordings, books and television are already a part of this
ministry, we’re not leaving it there as we push into bigger realms of media
presentation. It is all a part of the future land God has given us as a

We received a story of one woman who was in horrible pain. One day as she
was driving down the road she heard Stephen’s song come on the radio.
Pulling over to the side of the road she had to praise God as she started
crying and laughing realizing her pain was gone! I received a letter from a
man whom the doctor had just told him he was HIV POSITIVE. Flipping through
radio stations he stopped on a song of mine. His car filled with God’s
peace and he said “If what this girl is singing is true, if you love me God
show me now.” He saw a church and pulled in to meet the pastor who led him
to Jesus. He wrote me how he was learning how Jesus really loved him and I
as long as he had to live he was going to live it for God. After going back
to the doctor to get into treatment, the doctor came walked into the room
stammering and said, “I am not sure what happened but you are now HIV
That is so totally off the chain!

The prison B2W seminars and concerts we’ve done shake us to the core as we
look into hopeless eyes and watch how their shoulders and heads dramatically
change to a posture of hope when we sing and speak of how much God loves
them. We hope to do more of them as the ones in Michigan, North Dakota and
South Africa have been so life transforming.

Thank you for your gift, your seed. Someone once coined the term “love
offering” but anything that is truly of love should never fail. And we know
anything of success is born of a vision; a picture of what’s to come. We
have a zero tolerance for fruitless investment and I believe you feel the

Some people have just $5.00 of finances in their hand and God knows it’s
HUGE seed where they are coming from! You had $1000 in your hand and God
knows that’s a huge investment on your part! The key here is really our
confidence in God, His Word and our obedience. God doesn’t need your money
but He does want your trust and confidence in His way of doing things.

We can promise you this that we continue to ask God to make us profitable
and fruitful for Him. We expect your seed and investment to produce big,
eternal and Kingdom dividends with many lives saved by the power of God’s

We love you!

I say like Jesus said as He lifted up His hands “Be fruitful, multiply, be
filled and overcome the darkness with light!!”


When you become a partner with us us we would like to put something in your
hands as a way of us saying Thank you so much!

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