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How close to disaster can fear take you?
A young lady was down the isle in a white dress ready to get married to a man she didn’t love, didn’t want to marry and really didn’t know, all because she let fear run her life. She was afraid of what people would think and afraid not to do what they thought. This girl couldn’t say “NO” and then again she couldn’t say “YES” because fear had tormented her into the corner of indecision. Maybe if she made no choices that would over-ride the free-fall she hoped was just a nightmare she would wake up from.

At least being a silent victim would keep people happy and hopefully provoke God to rescue her, but no one was happy and rescue was not coming. As a child she went to Sunday school and heard the song “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so”, but that wasn’t just a song it is God’s Word. Like Deuteronomy 30:19 says “Choose life…choose blessing”. Sadly she was choosing death by her silence and God was definitely not happy with fear destroying and directing His daughter’s life.

In one dramatic moment a lifelong course is set in motion.
Standing at the front of the church in a wedding gown, friends and family all there, Pam Thum did one of the hardest things she’s ever done and backed out of the ceremony. It was the right decision but right decisions have a way of amplifying all the terrible decisions that have lead up to that critical day. Pam says there were no smiles, just a lot of confusion and hurt. All of which she owned up to and now there was a new course set for hope.

Being the authentic “Runaway Bride” was painful, but the last minute declaration of honesty set her on the road of courageous love, a road that carried her to the life of being a Christian singer and boldly confronting fear with the message of unfailing love all over the world. The same road of redemption has taken Pam into the arms of her adoring husband Stephen Marshall. And she absolutely knows she’s in love with him!

Pam encourages people that there is never a bad time to do the right thing and sooner is always, always better than later. To repent and do a one-eighty may seem like the ugliest, impossible, devastating and hard thing in the world to do but that’s the lie Satan wants us all to believe. The beautiful fruit that comes from doing that one-eighty will not only be a huge tree of life for you but a flow of blessing to many others. Pam knows this to be true.

What’s the distance between fearful and courageous? Pam says it could be just two letters “NO”.

Pam was in the class of new Christian artists that had fast-rising, almost meteoric careers. Her first album quickly achieved five top 10 radio hits, including a #1 song on the CHR charts. She also catapulted onto the pop charts to edge out Madonna in South Africa, and was quickly named Best International Female Artist by South African fans. She was nominated for New Artist Of The Year at the Dove Awards (gospel music’s Grammy equivalent). After she performed for the Dove Award telecast, Ce Ce Winans came up to her backstage and said, “Girl, you have got God all over you!”

“That was way better than a Dove to me,” Pam recalls.

Four successful albums followed, garnering Pam ten more chart-topping songs, including three #1 hits, and a song that stayed at #1 for over a month, becoming a signature tune for Pam. She was subsequently nominated for more Dove Awards, including Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year.

Sipping Earl Grey tea and talking about her new full 14 -song release, Pam exhibits a sweet familiarity, and yet somehow, she’s different. The wide grin is still there, along with her intense eyes that easily tear up when she talks about how much Jesus loves her. but there’s a new quality to Pam that corresponds with her title choice for the new CD- COURAGEOUS.

Pam wants every word in every song to empower the listeners with Courage to say,” yes” to life. This release has her signature power ballads, with a blend of in-your-face guitar driven songs and urban –you wanna dance tunes, effortlessly sung with multiple worship songs, and a few raw, just-guitar and vocal songs.

COURAGEOUS showcases a range of versatility not heard in her earlier efforts.

This musical offering will exceed the expectations of her faithful fans and draw in a whole new audience daring to venture on COURAGEOUS ground.

Her vocal quality altered somewhat by sinus surgery takes on a new dimension. Her range is wider now, her rich alto voice seems even more crisp and clear, but her signature emotive vocals are still there. As one programmer noted “You can always hear Pam’s smile”

I think the chorus of “Time to Rise” penned by Pam Thum and Stephen Marshall paints it well.

Now is the time
The time you must rise
This is the moment to spread your wings and fly
So look up and soar reach for the prize
Now is the
The time you must rise

Pam’s desire is that these songs will encourage you to hear, experience and be empowered to live COURAGEOUS!

The definition of Courageous is:
Bold, Brave, Fearless, Undaunted, and Gutsy.

The Music


The Facts
Pam has been on the cover of Today’s Christian Woman and many other popular magazines
Featured on CCM BILLBOARD and many other publications
JAMES ROBINSON and almost every Christian TV program along with appearing and hosting and singing for NIGHT OF JOY for the DISNEY CHANNEL
She has also appeared at ATLANTA FEST and CREATION on the main stage along with many other festivals
Pam is a communicator of God’s hope...His grace and steadfast love in a most unique refreshing and life changing way.


The Testimonials

“... No one has minstered to me in the past 20 years the way Pam’s music ministered to me...”
Dr. Robert Schuller Hour of Power Crystal Cathedral

“Pam’s ministry does not belong to her..but to God. Jesus shines through her.After you have been seen her you go away knowing that you have een in the presence of God. Her music ministered to each exactly  where we need it . I have not met a performer who opens their heart to the audience as much as Pam does..”
Terri Dilts. Director Nazerene Adults

“...I have never seen our women respond to anyone like they did Pam.Her sweetest and strength came through her music and speaking .I was overwhelmed when I saw almost one half the women raise their hands to receive Jesus. It was a joy to work with Pam and  her office and to see what God did through her at the ladies  conference.”
His Women Director –Linda Wallace

“..her RUNAWAY BRIDE Story had me on the edge of my seat...It was so inspiring and empowering for me to see what Pam went through and know I can take courage to and do what is right..”

“..I am seventeen and I was in a gang and not living good. I heard your music on the radio and I started to cry.It was like something hit me in my heart. I cried out to God in the car. It’s been three months now and I have left the gang and that life and I am off drugs and involved with a church youth group. I am so happy now...”

“ best friend was raped..she couldn’t leave her house for fear.I gave her your CD and she played it over and sang with you over and over again. Soon she was able to smile and walk out of the house and into healing...”

The Conferences
Co founder of the popular
B2W Born To Win conferences

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